06 Jul, 2017 The secret to getting rich is elementary
MINT article on selling high and buying low - sipmle thought-difficult to execute -try p-e ratio funds which do exactly that !!
02 Jan, 2017 Mom's lesson to a son -for Investing 2017
Interesting article on recommendation mom gives to her Son for the future
26 Dec, 2016 Uma Sashikant- DSP meet-view on demonetization
A synposis of what Uma Sashikant shared on the current Demonetization
21 Jan, 2015 HDFC Gilt -LTP view Jan 2015
Interesting analysis by HDFC MF of why a 3 yr Gilt investment makes sense today
09 Jan, 2015 E-IPO- Click and Invest
Eco-9-1-2015-click and invest !!-the way forward ?
09 Jan, 2015 MCA-to tweak Co s Act-To snap need for Govt approval for Managerial Remuneration
ECO- 9-1-2015
05 Jan, 2015 NOFN -will be backbone of India s internet
Interesting for 3 yrs hence-ecommerce boom should take flight-view with likely flipkart IPO-business line 1-1-2015
24 Dec, 2014 Manufacturing Sector can be India s golden goose
Interesting article by Mahesh Patil in MINT
20 Dec, 2014 NPS- Advertisement allows additional Rs1 lakh u/s80CCD
National Pension Scheme advertisement clearly shows additional tax break u/s 80CCD (1) upto Rs1 lakh OR 10% of Salary ( Basic+ DA)
16 Dec, 2014 Sandip Sabharwal views-14-12-2014
Very well thought out view must read, Courtesy Sandip Sabharwal from his facebook page
16 Dec, 2014 Mediclaim-Top up to expand health cover-DNA 16-12-2014
interesting views on how to increase your medical insurance
18 Nov, 2014 Time for Duration-Kotak Nov2014
View from Kotak Mutual Fund Desk - November 2014
18 Nov, 2014 Time to get in long term Debt-Nimish-E T 3-11-2014
Interesting article by Nimish Shah, Pru ICICI MD & CEO published in ET
14 Nov, 2014 The importance of earning 8%-IDFC 10-11-2014
Interesting article by IDFC Mutual Fund on the dilema faced by an average investor in the current savings-investment disequilibrium
13 Nov, 2014 JP Market Bulletin 11-11-2014
courtesy JP Morgan MF
11 Nov, 2014 Retirement planning-Debt may not be enough-Mint 10-11-2014
interesting article on use of systematic withdrawal to increase equity allocation in a retirement kitty and reduce its volatility whilst increasing overall returns
06 Nov, 2014 Mediclaim-how to choose the best plan-Mint 4-11-2014
Courtesy Mint. interesting article weighing pros and cons
05 Nov, 2014 MF-Money meter top 5 -DNA 4-11-2014
courtesy DNA
04 Nov, 2014 Tax free bonds are still a good investment TOI 3-11-2014
courtesy TOI article. with the liklihood of rate cut and perhaps DTC being implemented in next few years the arguments are compelling
28 Oct, 2014 Bonus Stripping- Tax options-Eco 28-10-2014
coutesy Eco times 28-10-2014. Take with a pinch of salt because there are several areas not explored by the author such as pre-post holding for eligibilty, CBDT circular for averaging of bonus and set-on set-off inter-se
28 Oct, 2014 Ambit- profile of CEO Saurabh Mukherjea-Eco 24-10-2014
Interesting insight into Saurabh s success
23 Oct, 2014 Tax free bonds-Celebration times
courtesy Eco 23-10-2014
22 Oct, 2014 REITS- Tax issues and beyond
courtesy Mint 22-10-2014
21 Oct, 2014 SEBI-Reluctant hero in DLF case-mint 21-10-2014
interesting insight in Sebi\'s contrasting stand on similar issues vis-a-vis Sahara case.
18 Oct, 2014 Sequoia Capital- we have a front seat into the future-Eco 17-10-2014
An interesting insight into the formation and perhaps most successful financial companies. whatever they seem to touch turns to gold
16 Oct, 2014 Falling Commodities Prices Indian Economy may benefit
Courtesy- BNP Paribas-view dated 14-10-2014
13 Oct, 2014 Insurance-Income replacement plans-Mint 13-10-2014
Interesting perspective on new Term plans which give a lumpsum plus monthly annuity for specified period on demaise
08 Oct, 2014 It\'s tomorrow that matters-Prashant Jain, HDFC MF
Courtesy HDFC Mutual Fund- write up by CIO Prashant Jain-May 2012-still valid despite a two year gap
01 Oct, 2014 Pru ICICI- view of S Naren CIO , 29-9-2014
Courtesy FC on 29-9-2014. Interesting interview of Mr Naren on markets and way forward Sept2014
29 Sep, 2014 DSP -BII- India under New Management !
Interesting article from DSP MF stable - outlook for India\'s markets-Sept2014-as viewed from an outsider\'s perspective
26 Sep, 2014 Mirae MF- Beating Benchmarks is easy- Gopal Agrawal CIO
Courtesy-Eco times 14-9-2014
23 Sep, 2014 Due date of Tax audit I-T returns extended to 30 Nov 2014
courtesy Eco 23-9-2014.Guj HC extends date from 30 sept 2014 with a caveat that assessees need to pay interest u/s 234A of S/A payable
23 Sep, 2014 Insulate my Personal Assets from my Business
courtesy Eco Times 23-9-2014...businessmen are increasingly facing the risk of loosing their personal wealth when business takes a downturn..
22 Sep, 2014 Kotak Equity Savings- a new avatar
courtesy Eco times 22-9-2014. Combining Arbitrage with MIPs to take benefit of the changed tax laws on taxation of debt funds. read on !
15 Sep, 2014 IPO-Snowman Logistics sizzles on debut
courtesy eco 13-9-2014 interesting paradox retail with ratio of 1:18 makes as much as HNI who puts in one crore
15 Sep, 2014 Hindu Succession Act- rights of Christian women
courtesy TOI 15-9-2014. welcome change in removing inequalities in rights of women in non testamentary succesion
11 Sep, 2014 REITS v/s Direct Investment in Real Estate Mint 11-9-2014
courtesy Mint - interesting article by Gautam Nayak on tax implications of REITS as it now dtanda
08 Sep, 2014 MF-Change in Div distribution Tax wef 1-10-2014
Courtesy Templeton Mutual Fund. With the subtle change in calculation mothodology you find that for the same rate of DDT you end up paying more to the Government !
08 Sep, 2014 Mediclaim- Top up now, move to bigger health cover later
courtesy Mint 8-9-2014
05 Sep, 2014 Mint-Monthly Market commentary 5-9-2014
courtesy Mint 5-9-2014
02 Sep, 2014 Top rated Corp Bonds catch the eye of FII\'s
courtesy Eco times 2-9-2014
01 Sep, 2014 REITS-How to Invest in property with 2 L
Courtesy TOI 1-9-2014. Everyone can now look to allocate some money towards Reality sector with REITS likely to come in with a minimum investment of Rs2 lakhs
30 Aug, 2014 High Income-Low Tax- House that ! ...TOI 3-8-2014

How to save taxes by planning a house purchase despite being in high income bracket. Interesting differential point of view. Cortesy TOI article on 3-8-2014

28 Aug, 2014 Long Term scores over Short Term- VR Aug 2014

courtesy Value Research Aug 2014 

28 Aug, 2014 Active funds over Passive Funds- VR Aug 2014

courtesy Value Research Aug 2014

28 Aug, 2014 Growth over Income Value Research Aug 2014

interesting read for strategy on whether to go for growth or for value in ones portfolio. courtesy Value Research Aug 2014

27 Aug, 2014 Rebooting Pension reforms with retirement plans

courtesy Mint 27-8-2014. Article by Manoj Nagpal 

25 Aug, 2014 Land Acq-Punjab HC find SC order incomplete !
interesting article , Eco 23-8-2014
25 Aug, 2014 HC provides tax clarity on Vodafone-like cases TOI 23-8-2014

some more clarity to the already vexing vodafone taxation issue

22 Aug, 2014 Templeton buys Rs16000 crores of G-Sec in a day

Courtesy Eco times 22-8-2014

19 Aug, 2014 Cheque bounce cases to be filed at drawee bank address

SC decision likely to open a pandora\'s box of difficulties as the drawee bank is not necessarily easily accessible !

19 Aug, 2014 SEBI REITS norms will allow Retail Participation

Courtesy Eco Times 19-8-2014

14 Aug, 2014 Debt Funds & FMP\'s view by Uma Shashikant, 28-July 2014
Uma shashikant\'s views on changes in taxation on Mutual funds post the Budget 2014
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