VUK Finvest Consultants Pvt ltd is solely engaged in giving advice that revolves around Mutual funds, financial planning and risk management . We are a financial advisory boutique, adopting the lifestage goals approach to Investments. Each Client has a one-on-one relationship with us and we not only guide in his Investments but build in tax planning, advise on risk management and regularly monitor the Clients portfolio to enable him to reach/ attain goals set out in his mandate. We maintain that we are not in the business of guessing what is likely to rise and when but in allocating the Clients portfolio within his risk parameters through diversification, tracking and booking profits when returns are high enough.


There can be no doubt that it is very difficult for the Investor to keep abreast with the rapidly changing financial environ. In such a situation a ¬†Investment ¬†Consultant will play the dual role of continuously allocating and monitoring such a person’s funds and giving him regular advice on what options are available to him at any point of time. With our access, at various levels, to the top people in the financial markets  and its intermediaries we have regular information on tap of what is going on or coming up and we would be in a position to give the best possible advice.

Another crucial area for the Investment Consultant is the allocation of the Investor’s Portfolio over several investment avenues and continuous maintenance of such long term strategy. The mix of the portfolio would have to be tailormade for each individual Client to achieve his desired objectives, both short term and long term. Also in structuring a Clients portfolio the Investment Consultant ¬†must take into account the current as well as future needs of the Client and his risk-bearing capacity before deciding where the funds must be placed. We would be in a position to offer sound advice on establishing a clear direction and focus on the Clients investment decisions.


In a dynamically changing economic environment the need for a Investment Consultant with the requisite expertise, hands-on knowledge of the markets and most important one with impeccable credentials is felt more than ever before. We possess the necessary professional skills, have been associated with the Stock market for over three decades with specialization in Debt and Mutual Funds. Our integrity has stood the test of time and can be vouched by anyone knowing or dealing with us. For us it is very important that the Client is sure that under all circumstances we will only do what is best for him.

The bottomline on any Investment Consultant is nett return on investment after taxes. We have the requisite expertise to offer and build-in constructive suggestions on tax planning into all our advices. We can also ensure that overall return on investment is optimized by ensuring timely and discriminate placement of surpluses. Often investment decisions are multi-faceted in nature and there are several options available in achieving the same result. We would be in a position to offer constructive advice with clear definition of the ramifications and resultants of each identified alternative to make the choice easier for the Investor.




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